AEW Locker Room Chaos - The Elite's Side Of The Story

2022-09-10 13:12:31 By : Mr. Bruce zhu

Sources close to The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega share their AEW All Out 2022 story.

Accounts of how the chaotic post-All Out 2022 brawl that resulted in suspensions for The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, CM Punk and more differ from witness to witness, though sources close to The Elite have now given their side of the story.

Fightful Select state that per this account, the Bucks and Omega opted to approach Punk in his locker room, which the now-former AEW World Champion indicated people should do if they had an issue with him. But while Punk and Ace Steel's account suggested the Bucks kicked in the door, The Elite's states they opened it.

Punk erupted before Matt Jackson could get a word out, throwing punches at the elder Young Buck. Then, when Nick tried to help, Steel threw a steel chair at him. Per this side of the story, Omega entered the room to keep CM Punk's dog, Larry, safe, then tried to pull Steel away from Nick once the agitated pooch was out of the room. This was when Ace allegedly bit the former World Champion and pulled his hair.

The shouting match continued after the melee, with Punk's side threatening legal action. That "pending legal issues" now surround this situation was confirmed by the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer in its aftermath.

Fightful also published a notably different account of the brawl from Punk's side earlier in the week.

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