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Where to find the best gear

What are the best weapons in Dying Light 2? What are the best loot sources in Dying Light 2? As a game that is just as much about killing the living and the dead as it is about flashy parkour moves, you will want to kit yourself out with the best weaponry. In this Dying Light 2 guide, we're going to reveal the best weapons and all the loot sources where you could find them.

In Dying Light 2, loot is randomised. Therefore, we cannot share locations of the best weapons in the game because there's no guarantee they'll be there in your own world. We will instead reveal the best places to look and activities to take part in that reward the best weapons and gear in the game.

The best weapons are generally of the Artifact variety, which is displayed in your inventory with a yellow background. This is the best item tier in the game, and generally pairs weapons with three mod slots: tip, shaft, and grip. They have high base damage, are a lot more durable than normal weapons, and have a few bonuses for certain situations.

However, what also affects these weapons is your Player Rank. Displayed in the top-right corner of the menu screen, your Player Rank determines what level weapons drop at. You can generally expect gear to drop at your current level, with rare instances of them either being one rank higher or lower. Your Player Rank is levelled up by unlocking Combat skills and Parkour skills (See Also: Dying Light 2 Best Skills: The Abilities You Must Unlock First).

Listed below are all loot sources to look out for in order to find the best weapons in the game. Please note that due to loot being randomised, there's no guarantee you'll find something of note here or will weapons be any better than what you already have equipped.

Simply progressing through the main story missions will reward you with a lot of fantastic items. You can check what you'll earn at the end of every mission by flicking through to the Journal tab on the menu screen and highlighting your current main quest. Paired with Combat XP, Parkour XP, and Old World Money, you're very likely to be given an Artifact weapon or another powerful item.

While they may not be on the same level as main mission weapons, you can also source some decent gear from side quests. Generally, in either the rare or unique tiers, these are good weapons to fall back on should one of your best items break. You should always have a few of these in your inventory just in case you stumble into a difficult situation.

If you've got some spare Old World Money burning a hole in your pocket, spending it on weapons is probably your best bet. Situated in safe zones across the city, they'll sell you gear as well as accessories and consumables. Their stock will only get better as you progress through the game, scaling with your Player Rank. By the end of the story, they'll have a healthy offering of high-level Artifact weapons.

The Military Convoy activity can be found all throughout the open world, designated on the map as an orange box on a brown background. When you find one, there'll generally be a tank, ambulance, and army truck to loot for high-level gear. However, the area is swarming with zombies and sometimes a special infected also. Be sure to clear the area before any looting is done. Otherwise, they'll kick you out of the lockpicking minigame and you'll be forced to start over.

Airdrops are special chests generally found on the rooftops of high-rise buildings. They usually contain a piece of Miltary Tech, a consumable, and a high-level piece of gear. Displayed on the map as a box attached to a parachute, they're not very easy to find on your own. Look for any tall buildings with a parachute hanging over the rooftop edge and you'll know there's an Airdrop up there.

To find every Airdrop, please refer to the following guide: Dying Light 2: All Airdrop Locations.

Besides the five aforementioned loot sources, the only other thing you can really do is simply explore the open world and continue to make progress. With randomised loot, a new weapon could be just around the corner or five miles away. Get into the habit of activating the Survivor Sense in dense areas to see if there's any noteworthy loot nearby, and pick it up if it improves your build.

Now that you know generally where to look for the best weapons, we'll share some of the best loot we found. This will give you an idea of the sort of gear you'll be getting as you reach the end of the game. We found all of them from the loot sources listed above.

What are the best weapons you've found in the game? Share them in the comments below and check out our Dying Light 2 guide for much more help and information.

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